Debunking Walt Goodridge's Claims of Internet and Kindle Success.

10 Reasons His Books Make Money Online, That Won't Work For You!

You may not have heard his name, but Walt F.J. Goodridge has been writing business books since 1992, and is just now breaking into the mainstream and gaining popularity as the author of Turn Your Passion Into Profit, Living True to Your Self and the creator of the "Achievable Freedom" concept. In a secret interview, never intended for publication ScamWatch asked him bluntly and, deceptively assuring him of "off the record" status: "Give us 10 reasons your books sell online when other people try to do the same thing but can't." Here are his replies, as well as our standard post interview ScamWatch common sense debunks.

The minimum level of intelligence.

GOODRIDGE: First of all, let me say this. The minimum level of intelligence required to succeed in the world is simply this: You must be smart enough to know that there is always someone smarter than you...
There's alway someone smarter than you... and it may not be someone you like, respect or wished was. He may not dress the way you think he should dress. She may not speak the way you think she should speak. He may not have the right background or pedigree, but what she does have is the status, accomplishments, achievement and, therefore, he knows something that you do not.
The second requirement is that, if you want to achieve the same things that that other person has, you must put aside your ego, and be coachable enough to learn what you want to learn from the person who has done the thing you want to do, and who therefore, has the information you desire and require.
I actually came to this conclusion by following the thought processes of people who posted their opinions on forums attempting to discredit me and my work. I came to realize that these people suffered from a lack of acceptance that while they may not have been able to achieve certain things, that there were others who could and did, and that all the debunking attempts and skepticism in the world couldn't change that fact.
I encountered people who attacked me without knowing me, without reading my books, without attending my workshops, without even reading what thousands of others
These people are not, and will probably never be my customers. But I did learn something valuable by observing the way they thought. If you're reading this, then you obviously do not fall into that category, but I share this with you because at some point in the future, should you decide to share your own success with others, you may encounter the same resistance that I did. I simply want to make sure you don't take it personally.
With that said, let me tell you what I've done, and why I've been able to do it.

GOODRIDGE: 1. "I like to think I'm smart."

It's my Jamaican upbringing. As a society, we value intelligence and excellence. So, my belief in my smartness and ability to figure things out is probably what accounts for my success.
SCAMWATCH: That can't be true, since there are many not so smart people who succeed in business, sell millions of books, and even become president.

GOODRIDGE: 2. "I have 10 books converted into Kindle format."

Having a whole bunch of books on sale is probably the key to my success.
SCAMWATCH: That can't be true. You even said yourself that the 80/20 rule applies in your business, and that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your products. You even mentioned that your top seller, the single book that sold well enough to match your civil engineer's income, and is still selling today is the first book you wrote. If you could match your civil engineer's income in 1992 before the internet revolution, then obviously it doesn't take 10 books to be successful. There are numerous stories of Kindle success stories based on a single book.

GOODRIDGE: 3. "I strive to make my books perfect."

SCAMWATCH: Not to be mean (Scamwatch is all about truth, not meanness), but there are a few typos in his Turn Your Passion Into Profit book that he seems not to have caught. It's safe to say that despite their popularity, Goodridge's books were not professionally edited before they were self-published.

GOODRIDGE: 4. "I do this full time."

SCAMWATCH:According to the Wall Street Journal, Darcy Chan, one of the most recent Kindle success stories, sold 77,000 copies of her book in one month, AND she was a full-time lawyer who did writing on the side. It doesn't take a full-time focus to be successful.

SCAMWATCH: What would you say to people who are skeptical about your products?

GOODRIDGE: "I'd probably tell them 'don't buy it!'"

In the same way that no single religion, or single flavor of ice cream can please or be effective for every person, no single success formula can be expected to work for everyone. Your job is to find a teacher you can relate to, a style you're comfortable with, and a strategy that works for you. The fact that my way of doing things won't work for everyone is not an indictment or nullification of its effectiveness for those whom it does help. I'm not writing for everybody. If you're already starting our relationship thinking it's not going to work for you, then don't buy the book. It's not my job to convince you of anything. I write about what works for me. It it works for you, great! If it doesn't, keep searching!

Claims of those who have read his books, attended his workshops, or received his coaching.

The fact is, there are no internet scams with my name on it, and thus, there are no scambuster, snopes, quackwatch or BBB complaint articles about me for those who like to read that sort of thing. Sooooo, I decided to write one myself!--Walt F.J. Goodridge

Speaking of skeptics, here's something I wrote:

Thoughts on Skepticism


I've always been fascinated by the dynamics of forum discussions, particularly when they involve discussions of new and alternative health therapies or business success products.
As someone who practices, promotes and has benefited from what others consider "alternative" health therapies; as someone who was able to escape from corporate employment and become a full-time, self-sustaining author based on what I gained from my time in multilevel marketing, and as someone who earns enough money online to survive and travel the world, I have always fascinated to read the comments of individuals who decry and debunk non-conventional therapies as "quackery," mlm as "pyramid/ponzi schemes," and online income as an unattainable "pipe dream."
These types of comments are most evident and at their most heated in the chat rooms and forums that span the web.
Now, as the author of How to Reverse Aging and also Fit to Breed, I won't spend any time proving claims, citing evidence, quoting science, providing testimonials or offering credentials to persuade you towards a buying decision.
However, again, as someone who sells such information products on the internet, what I will do, is offer some general observations and generic responses to some of what I've seen posted on forums. This may help YOU to decide what you wish to do in response to these and other offers now and in the future.

Types of Forum Participants

First, here's a quick overview of the the types of people who frequent forums.

The Lurkers

These are the people who read, absorb, observe, but remain outside of the general discussions.

The Undecided

These are people who may be seeking some sort of validation or opinion in order to make a final decision. They may ask questions of the group in order to get their opinions.

The Converted

These may be people who have tried the product/service in question and who are advocates.

The Skeptics & Killjoys

These are the people who cast doubt, aspersions, ridicule and attack any or all of the above under the guise of "debunking" scams and scam artists. (I find these people most fascinating of all)

What I've Learned About Skeptics & Killjoys

Now, I've learned that skepticism is about fear. People don't discredit marketers for the fun of it. They don't do it for altruistic motives either (i.e. to save others from being scammed).
No. Skepticism arises out of disappointment. They want to succeed at a given task or goal, but have failed in doing so. You see, here's what I believe about skepticism: I believe that:
1. there will always be people who are skeptical that the things others claim are possible are, in fact, actually true.

2. People believe that their own reality is universal. In other words, they believe that if they themselves haven't been able to do a thing, that others are not really able to do that thing either, and if they are claiming to, they must be lying.

3. Therefore, no amount of "proof" is actually effective in alleviating a Skeptic's or Killjoy's skepticism because what the skeptics are really revealing is their own frustration at their own failures. So, to admit that YOU as the one selling a solution have been successful at something that they (the skeptics) failed at (eg. making tons of money on the internet, for instance) is an indictment that they weren't as smart, committed or lucky as you have been, or as smart, committed or lucky as they would like to believe themselves to be. Is that making sense? They must discredit you in order to believe that they did the best they could and that their failure was not due to their own lack of intelligence/commitment, but due to the nature of the game, the cards being stacked against them, etc.


So, no matter how much you battle a skeptic, after much back and forth, many forum rants and disputes with skeptics eventually end up here:

"Well, if it's so helpful for humanity, why charge for it, why don't you give it away?"

ANSWER: In the same way that YOU will not give away the hours you work at your job, I, too, will not give away the thing of value I offer to the world in order to survive. Firefighters, ministers, priests, employees and authors, too, have nothing to prove to you or anyone else by giving away their firefighting skill or contributions to the well being and betterment of society. I sell information. That's what I do.

HERE'S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: I'm always fascinated when I encounter individuals who balk and get turned off reading a free website like this one the moment they realize that something is for sale.

As an author, and as my part of my personal mission, my greatest wish to share the details of what I've learned with as many people as possible. So, I write books, and yes I SELL those books! That's what I do. That's the VALUE that I've been blessed to be able to provide to the world in exchange for the things of value that I desire. That's how I survive. That's how ANY of us survives in this world, really. We offer something of value--whether it's our time, experience, expertise or training--in exchange for money. That's what a job is. If you're working in a job, then you've chosen to sell your freedom--your time, your presence every day in a cubicle or office-- in exchange for a paycheck. Your presence as well as the tasks you perform for your boss are the things of value YOU are selling.

Here's a scenario: Let's say you work at your job for a week, and at the end of that week, you don't receive your paycheck. So you walk into your boss' office... YOU: Hi, Boss, I've given you my time and presence for the past week, but I didn't get paid. BOSS: Paid??? Yup, I knew it. I KNEW there was a 'catch!' You just want my money! If you REALLY wanted to help me, why don't you work for me for free??? What a scam!

Silly, isn't it? Would you give away YOUR value--your time and presence-- for free? Well, neither would I.

It's almost as if some people think that working a job is noble and acceptable, while selling a product is somehow "shady." People with that belief system will remain trapped in a job unless and until they change that attitude.

So, for the record, I absolutely, positively make NO apologies (nor should you) about offering value to the world in exchange for the means to ensure survival and prosperity. That's what it's all about! That's what turning your passion into profit is all about. That's what living true to your self is all about. If you ever want to follow the path that I and others are on, and free YOUR self, you MUST stop thinking that the only "acceptable" way to generate money is as an employee, and expand your self-concept to trade something other than your time and presence at a job in order to earn money. You can never be truly free as long as a single entity controls your income. You can never live true to your self as long as single person other than you decides how much you can earn.

This may sound a bit self-serving, but perhaps the first step towards freedom and away from that way of thinking is to honor, respect and purchase from those who are already doing it. You can't envy and begrudge those whom you aspire to be like and then expect that YOUR path will be easier and that others will honor, respect and buy from YOU when your time comes. That single decision and act of generosity and support may be the thing that sets you free.

This is not about me. I've offered enough value to others over the years and as a result, enough people all over the world have supported me that it's been possible for me to live the simple, yet free life I've always wanted. This will continue whether YOU make the leap or not. You can think or say anything you wish, but this is not about me, it's about YOU.

Or, it ends up here:

"If this was true, and so great, we would have heard about it on the six o'clock news"

ANSWER: Actually, you wouldn't. And it's for the same reason that Max Gerson and his daughter, Charlotte, had to move to Mexico to continue their track record of curing cancer; for the same reason you don't hear that fasting, and hydrogen peroxide, and DMSO and other inexpensives therapies have and can cure 90% of all illnesses; for the same reason you don't hear about automobiles that last longer, light bulbs that don't blow and many advances in science and knowledge that would put doctors, car manufacturers, meat producers and dairy councils out of business....


Your agreement is not required, nor is it being sought.

I'm not here to convince, justify, defend or apologize for my beliefs, choices or lifestyle. I'm not here for validation, vindication, approval or to respond to personal attacks. I'm here to share a philosophy & formula that works for me and others I've helped. And it's always been my belief that in a world of 7 billion people, that if ONE person can do a thing, then it MUST be possible for at least ONE other person to achieve the same.

I'm going to say something here that other marketers would consider "selling suicide." The fact is, if you're on this forum seeking someone else's opinion in order to persuade you to purchase, you're probably not the sort of customer who will be happy with this purchase. Anything other than "I paid my money, the site works, and I was able to download the product" will likely be just an opinion. If someone says, "I tried it, and it didn't work", then what does it say about you that would allow a total stranger's failure to determine your probable outcome?

By the same token, if they say, "I tried it and it worked!", that'll be great, but how angry will you be if you try it and it doesn't work for you?

People who seek validation and permission from others, or who are intent on whining, will find something to whine about whether they have purchased the product or tried the service or not. Therefore, my ideal customer is likely not the type to put to much weight on the opinions of forum skeptics and killjoys.

You are in the minority

On any given day over the past several years, people have visited my sites, purchased my products, and I get feedback like what you'll see HERE. These forum discussions represent the minority. I would never advise you to do something simply because the majority does it. But, the real majority has actually never heard about my products. The majority is still unaware that I exist. The testimonials represent a small portion of the greater public. My point is that even though this relatively small number of people have purchased and benefited from my history of offerings, it's an even smaller number who spend time debunking and talking themselves out of giving it a try.

"the world that exists between your ears"

By posting your opinion on this single forum, you have not decided the fate of my book, my success as a seller of information, the buying decision of any other forum participant. You have not affected the abundance of emails I will receive in praise of what I sell, or the reviews I will receive. The only thing you have revealed is your personal opinion among the seven billion people on the planet. You have revealed the world that exists between your ears.

CONCLUSION: The ultimate truth

The fact is, that among many other unbelievable claims: cancer is curable, people make money in MLM, internet income is possible, and others are living a reality that you think is impossible, and it is precisely because you believe it is impossible that those realities will elude you no matter how much "proof" others may provide.
You see, this isn't about the credibility of the marketer, the testimonials or anything else. This is about YOU. You've spent much more money on things that have offered less value, things that eventually end up in the sewer system, and didn't come with a guarantee.
I recently came across a language course that claims to teach Mandarin in 10 days. I've visited China twice and have learned a lot, but I'm nowhere near fluent. Learning Chinese is something I want to do. They're offering the course for $10! If I give it a try and don't get even a little benefit, I'm not going to whine and complain. I won't call it a scam. Not every strategy works for everybody. I'll look for other strategies. However, if it IS helpful, I'll have gained the world for $10! That's how I see things. Simple. You pay your money, you take your chances.