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“My name is Walt F.J. Goodridge. If you’ve ended up on this site, it’s probably because you wanted to check if anyone owned the NICHEMARKET.COM domain name, and if so, what, in fact they are doing with it! You might even have a business idea that you think might go perfectly with this domain. Well, unfortunately, it’s not for sale. I purchased this domain name from NetworkSolutions back in 1997 (when domains where $70/year!) with my own grand ideas, too! Like you, I realized that the power of and economic potential oftt

he Internet rested in the very concept of catering to niche markets….”

Now, even though my domain isn't for sale, I'd like to offer some encouragement. Here's when some of the internet's other "important" domains were registered

As you can see, I was relatively late to the game--a full two years after ebay registered--but, here's the encouragement: Google registered later than I did, Twitter registered in 200, and Youtube just registered in 2005! So, even though you may not be able to get THIS domain, you can still do amazing things with whatever domain you do end up getting! It's never too late! (first!) March 15, 1985 Nov 18, 1993
Amazon Nov 1, 1994
Yahoo Jan 18, 1995
ebay Aug 4, 1995 Oct 18, 1995 Nov 25, 1995 June 25, 1997!
Google Sep 15, 1997
Twitter Jan 21, 2000
Wikipedia Jan 13, 2001
LinkedIn Nov 2, 2002
Youtube Feb 15, 2005

Curious? Here's what the site looked like in 2002!


Meanwhile, in the intervening years, I've built my own empire of brands and sites catering to different niche markets from music entrepreneurs, to tourists to writers to health nuts! Here is an overview (Visit for more about my journey!)