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"The potential success of EVERY business on the web--from today's startup to Jeff Bezos' Amazon--hinges on the Internet's NICHE MARKET MAGNIFIER EFFECT which takes 'locally thin' markets and makes then 'globally wide!'"

-- Walt F.J. Goodridge, author of Turn Your Passion into Profit

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I know why you're here.

Since I don't do any advertising for this domain, you've probably stumbled upon the nichemarket.com website for one of two reasons:

(a) you've come up with a great idea and think that the NICHEMARKET domain would make a great URL, and you want to know if it's for sale,


(b) you may not have your own idea, but it recently dawned on you that the whole niche market concept is what undergirds the entire Internet paradigm and, after doing a WHOIS search, you're eager to see how it's being used, and who the forward thinking, early moving, tech-savvy visionary is who registered the domain back in 1997! So, let me address each of those.


(a) Is the domain for sale?

Sorry, NICHEMARKET.COM was the first domain I ever registered, back when Network Solutions was the only game in town, and so it has sentimental meaning to me.

I won't say "never," but I've turned down offers in the past and, as a collector-minded person (I used to collect comics and vinyl records), the ownership is more important to me than cashing out! With that said, it would have to be a really, newsworthy level offer for me to consider it!

Now, even though my domain isn't for sale, I'd like to offer some encouragement.

The chart below shows when some of the internet's other "important" domains were registered. As you can see, I was relatively late to the game--a full two years after ebay registered--but, here's the encouragement: Google registered later than I did, Twitter registered in 2000, and Youtube just registered in 2005! So, even though you may not be able to get THIS domain, you can still do amazing things with whatever domain you do end up getting! It's never too late!

symbolics.com (first!) March 15, 1985
Time.com Nov 18, 1993
Amazon Nov 1, 1994
Yahoo Jan 18, 1995
ebay Aug 4, 1995
Sex.com Oct 18, 1995
NewYork.com Nov 25, 1995
Nichemarket.com June 25, 1997!
Google Sep 15, 1997
Twitter Jan 21, 2000
Wikipedia Jan 13, 2001
LinkedIn Nov 2, 2002
Youtube Feb 15, 2005

(b) This is an important URL!

You would be correct! Here is the full quote


(Goodridge's First Law of Internet Economics)

The potential success of everyone doing business on the web (from today's newbie pandemicpreneur to Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world) hinges on the Internet's niche market magnifier effect. Previously un-sustainable thin markets (catering to passions and interests limited by the constraints of local geography) have now been magnified and widened to be viable (and in somecases unlimited) in potential when made accessible to a globally connected audience.

The once "locally thin" becomes the now "globally wide."


Resources for your niche market targeting

Over the years, I've launched 80 additional domains, written over 30 books on a variety of topics and will soon be offering courses through Teachable.com. I've just released a new resource: The Pandemicpreneur Report, a manual that can help you navigate this new paradigm regardless of which niche(s) you're selling to!

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