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What is a Niche Market?

niche-- n. pronounced NEESH or NICH [to rhyme with "rich"]:
1. A situation or activity specially suited to a person's interests, abilities or nature
2. A special area of demand for a product or service
market-- n. an area or arena in which commercial dealings are conducted.

The success of everyone doing business online is based on the concept of the niche market! Sooner or later, everyone seeking to maximize that concept will end up at this site! Since jumping onto the Internet bandwagon and securing the nichemarket.com domain in 1997, serial entrepreneur, passionpreneur, nomadpreneur, Hip Hop entrepreneur, business author of over 24 books, lifestyle coach, health guru and poet Walt F.J. Goodridge has spent the last few decades launching products and projects to target an eclectic mix of consumer niches online. Now you can benefit from his experience by signing up for his unique coaching.
What's the best niche to market to? How do I find them online? How do I brand myself effectively? What products can I sell? How much should I charge? Those questions and more can be answered by someone who's done it!

Create your own or reach these niches

Here are just some of Walt's many online brands and the niches they target. Each has its own subscriber mailing list, facebook/twitter followng. Contact Walt to reach them or for consulting on how to create your own branded, targeted product or service:
"Claim your piece."
"It all started with NICHEMARKET.COM, a domain I registered back in 1997 that essentially defines what success on the internet is based on. The reason you can turn your passion into profit, the reason you can become a nomadpreneur, the reason you can achieve freedom (the reason Amazon, Facebook, even exist) is because the internet gives you the power to target even small, specific niche markets on a global scale (rather than simply locally)-- markets that would be impossible to reach otherwise and thus might not prove profitable! Claim your piece. Make money online...and thank the power of the niche market!"--Walt
Featuring: The Niche Market Report
"Yes, you CAN turn your passion into profit!" Featuring: Books, CDs, personality test, coaching
Hip Hop Entrepreneur™
"Turn your Hip Hop passion into profit!"
Featuring: Books, T-shirts, merchandise

"Strategies for money AND mobility: Freedom IS achievable!"
Featuring: Books, Success stories, tips, merchandise
Free Summer Concerts™
"Never miss another free concert ever again!"
Featuring: Free Summer event calendar, VIP access, T-Shirts, merchandise
Walt's Escape from America™
"The story of One man's escape!"
Featuring: Blog

"Saipan. The history and the mystery!"
[Walt is the featured tour guide for "
America's Forgotten Colonies" documentary]
Featuring: High-end, personalized tours, Tour booklets, t-shirts, merchandise

"Discover Guam!"
Featuring:English-language, personalized tours

Saipan Bookings™
"Saipan. Come enjoy paradise!"
Featuring: Activities, accommodations

We Love Saipan!™ (A passion project!)
"Yes, we DO still love Saipan!"
Featuring: Testimonials

Saipan Writers™
"Saipan! More writers per square mile!"
Featuring: Workshop dates, success stories, Google group

Guam Writers™
"Guam writers!"
Featuring: Workshop dates, success stories, Google group

Jamaican on Saipan™
"One man's escape from America, to live a nomadpreneur's dream!"
Featuring: Books

Saipan Living™
"Discover what it's like to live, work or retire
on the US Commonwealth islands of Saipan, Tinian & Rota!"

Featuring: Books, free information, consulting, relocation tours

Saipan Factory Girl™
"...a situation that should never have been allowed on American soil."-Angelo Villagomez, the Saipan Blogger
Featuring: Books

Best of Saipan™
"...a collection of all my sites about Saipan!
Featuring: Website links

This Baby Can Speak English™
"Our role is to prepare an environment where learning occurs."
Featuring: Books
Jamaican in China™
"Guess who's coming to dim sum!"
Featuring: Blog, books, Youtube channel

The Coffeepot Cookbook™
"Necessity is the mother of invention. Hunger is the father of ingenuity.
The Coffeepot Cookbook is their illegitimate love child!"

Featuring: Blog, books, Youtube channel

Life Rhymes™
"a unique form of inspiration"
Featuring: Free 9-year archive, Books
The Ageless Adept™
"Perfect health, long life and the fountain of youth."
Featuring: Books, Blog, Coaching, T-shirts, Instructional videos

Fast & Grow Young!™
"To starve is to die. To fast is to live."
Featuring: Books, articles
The SWEAT Manifesto™
"The only REAL cures that exist."
Featuring: FREE DOWNLOAD of manifesto!
"The real causes and cures."
Featuring: Books, articles
Kale Carnegie™
"The not-quite-ready-for-primetime health guru
and his failed health movement!"

Featuring: T-shirts, CD
"Don't wait for the history re-write. Make this a history WE write!"
Featuring: Books, merchandise
Obama Legacy Book™
"Don't wait for the history re-write. Make this a history WE write!"
"You think it. Now wear it!"
Featuring: T-shirts, merchandise

Trivia: Here's when some of the internet's other "important" domains were registered

symbolics.com (first!) March 15, 1985
Time.com Nov 18, 1993
Amazon Nov 1, 1994
Yahoo Jan 18, 1995
ebay Aug 4, 1995
Sex.com Oct 18, 1995
NewYork.com Nov 25, 1995
Nichemarket.com June 25, 1997!
Google Sep 15, 1997
Twitter Jan 21, 2000
Wikipedia Jan 13, 2001
LinkedIn Nov 2, 2002
Youtube Feb 15, 2005

siteis dotcom is nichemarket.com
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