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What is a Niche Market?

niche-- n. pronounced NEESH or NICH [to rhyme with "rich"]:
1. A situation or activity specially suited to a person's interests, abilities or nature
2. A special area of demand for a product or service

market-- n. an area or arena in which commercial dealings are conducted.

The success of everyone doing business online is based on the concept of the niche market! Sooner or later, everyone seeking to maximize that concept will end up at this site! Since jumping onto the Internet bandwagon and securing the nichemarket.com domain in 1997, serial entrepreneur, passionpreneur, nomadpreneur, Hip Hop entrepreneur, business author of over 24 books, lifestyle coach, health guru and poet Walt F.J. Goodridge has spent the last few decades launching products and projects to target an eclectic mix of consumer niches online. Now you can benefit from his experience by signing up for his unique coaching.
What's the best niche to market to? How do I find them online? How do I brand myself effectively? What products can I sell? How much should I charge? Those questions and more can be answered by someone who's done it!

Create your own or reach these niches

Here are just some of Walt's many online brands and the niches they target. Each has its own subscriber mailing list, facebook/twitter followng. Contact Walt to reach them or for consulting on how to create your own branded, targeted product or service:


"You CAN make money doing what you love!"

Niche: People who wish to turn their passions into profit. More...

Hip Hop Entrepreneur™

"The business of a culture!"

Niche: People who wish to turn their Hip Hop ideas and passions into profit. More...


"Money and Mobility"

Niche: People who wish to live an untethered lifestyle and earn money while traveling! More...

Life Rhymes™

"The still small voice within...in rhyme!"

Niche: People who enjoy rhyme-based motivation! More...

Fit to Breed...forever!™

"Guaranteed by nature."

Niche: Health conscious people who wish to retain their youthful vim and vigor! More...

Fast & Grow Young!™

"To starve is to die. To fast is to live!"

Niche: People who do extended water fasts for healing and rejuvenation More...

History We Write™

"Don't wait for the history re-write, make it a history WE write!"

Niche: People who wish information and humor with a political twist! More...

Free Summer Concerts™

"Never miss another free concert ever again"

Niche: People searching for free summer entertainment! More...

Jamaican in China™

"Guess who's coming to dim sum!"

Niche: People who enjoy a unique travel adventure.More...

Saipan Living™

"Come see for yourself!"

Niche: People who wish to relocate to Saipan, Tinian or Rota, Northern Mariana Islands. More...

Discover Saipan™

"The history and the mystery!"

Niche: People who want a personalized tour experience of Saipan, Tinian and Rota. More...

Saipan Blue™

"The world's newest color!"

Niche: People willing to support an online petition to convince Crayola and other manufacturers to name a color Saipan Blue! More...

Trivia: Here's when some of the internet's other "important" domains were registered

symbolics.com (first!) March 15, 1985
Time.com Nov 18, 1993
Amazon Nov 1, 1994
Yahoo Jan 18, 1995
ebay Aug 4, 1995
Sex.com Oct 18, 1995
NewYork.com Nov 25, 1995
Nichemarket.com June 25, 1997!
Google Sep 15, 1997
Twitter Jan 21, 2000
Wikipedia Jan 13, 2001
LinkedIn Nov 2, 2002
Youtube Feb 15, 2005

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You may also Email me with your questions
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